In-class and On-line Diploma Preparation Courses for Students in Alberta!

Not Only Authors but Exceptional Educators

When there are so many self-help books on the market, how many can you buy, and how do you know which ones will actually be useful? The answer is easy! Look for the educational resources that have been developed by experienced educators who have a strong reputation for helping student achieve remarkable results.

Finding Help to Support Classroom Learning

How many times have you left class and thought “None of this makes sense to me!”? How many times have you felt your confidence drain away as your tried to complete a major assignment? How many times have you tried unsuccessfully to apply the formulas you thought you understood in class, to your homework questions to find that you couldn’t remember the steps in the process? Nothing is more frustrating than trying your hardest to do well but not having the extra help at home when you need it most!

What Comes Next?

Remember when you started school and everyone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? It seemed like there were endless possibilities and lots of time for you to decide what you wanted to be and what you wanted do. Now, suddenly it seems, you are ending your high school career and people are again asking you, “What are you going to do?” “What comes next?” is a BIG question – and being a Super Hero is a less likely career option.

Second Semester Study Options

The new semester is now underway! We are pleased to remind you that DIPLOMAX.ca is now accepting registrations for the June DIPLOMAX In-Class sessions. Check out the schedule and register early to secure a spot in the class and session of your choice. Remember – as soon as you complete your registration, you can immediately start to use the Instructor’s Study Notes package to support your classroom instruction.

A Strong Finish or a New Start?

Whether you want to finish your first semester with a strong showing or start 2017 with a new self- assured manner, you can do BOTH by acing your diploma exams!! There is no better feeling than knowing you are well-prepared and ready to give it your all as you write your final test in your course – the DIPLOMA EXAM!! Your grades on each exam combined with your school grades will affect applications to post-secondary institutions, opportunities to secure scholarships, and employment opportunities.

iPrep Plus – Electronic Study Notes and Video Support

The iPrep Plus Electronic Study Notes and Video Support resources are unique! The resources are an electronic resource package that can be downloaded to a personal device or printed and used at home. They combine comprehensive study notes with short videos to help you independently review course content and clarify understanding.

DIPLOMAX In-Class – the Tradition Continues

Tutorial and diploma prep classes have long been offering services to students preparing to write the January and June provincial diploma exams. For Edmonton and area students, DIPLOMAX In-Class is offering face-to-face, diploma prep review sessions in Biology 30, Chemistry 30, English 30-1, Math 30-1, Math 30-2, Physics 30, Science 30, and Social 30-1. The comprehensive review sessions in each subject are scheduled from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The classes are held at the University of Alberta Edmonton Campus. The two-day format makes it easier for students who work or are travelling from surrounding areas to participate in the review sessions.


Writing any diploma exams this year? Looking for face-to-face help to prepare for the January or June diplomas? DIPLOMAX In-Class has it for Edmonton and areas students! Don’t live close enough to Edmonton to participate? Don’t worry! DIPLOMAX On-Line is for you! It is a comprehensive VIDEO REVIEW that comes with a complimentary copy of the Instructor’s Study Notes. Looking for something that you can use all year long with class assignments, quizzes and unit tests? iPrep Plus has just what you are looking for! Use the electronic study notes with video support for the 10 toughest topics!

iPrep Plus Gives Students ‘Leg Up’

High-stakes diploma exams in January and June are always a challenge for grade 12 students. These provincial exams count for 30% of your final grade but the other 70% comes from your efforts on school-based assessments.