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Not Only Authors but Exceptional Educators

When there are so many self-help books on the market, how many can you buy, and how do you know which ones will actually be useful? The answer is easy! Look for the educational resources that have been developed by experienced educators who have a strong reputation for helping student achieve remarkable results.

All the DIPLOMAX.ca and iPrep Plus Electronic Study Notes and Video Support resource packages have been created by actual teachers who understand what you need to know to be successful in the subject. The educator/authors have provided a comprehensive overview of the Grade 12 course material in language you can understand, included tips for reviewing, and filmed video support clips on the “tough topics” that seem to present challenges to students.

The veteran educators use their knowledge of curriculum, instruction, assessment, expertise, extensive experiences in developing diploma exam questions and marking provincial exams, and their passion for the subject to create strong resources. Each product focuses on concepts and skills you need to master to maximize your results!

Many of the authors are provincial nominees and Teacher of Excellence Award winners. Visit the DIPLOMAX web site www.diplomax.ca to meet our team of authors and educators. You may even recognize some of these outstanding educators!

DIPLOMAX.ca Year-long Support to Classroom Learning.

Not only Authors BUT Exceptional Educators