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Diplomax (PrimeTime Learning) – SPECIAL OFFER

PrimeTime Learning and Sequel Solutions Inc. have recently entered into an ‘alliance’ to better serve the educational product/service needs of Grade 12 students in Alberta.


To commemorate the alliance, PrimeTime Learning is offering students who register for three or more Diplomax courses in a semester, an entry into a year-end ‘scholarship draw’.

Eligible students will be informed by e-mail of their entry into the draw for one of four $250 scholarships. The draws will take place on June 30th, winners will be contacted, and results reported on the PrimeTime Learning website.

Winning students will have $250 to use in whatever manner they choose.

  • Some will choose to apply the funds to the many costs associated with tuition, or books and materials for their post-secondary education.
  • Others may choose to apply the funds to costs associated with entering their first career or job.
  • Still others may decide to ‘reward’ themselves with a summer vacation or trip.
  • The funds are provided to the winners of the draw with ‘no strings attached’ – please use them in the way you believe is best for you.

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If you are serious about your academic success – iPrep Plus and Diplomax are here to help you!

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Best of luck! PrimeTime Learning (Diplomax)