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"Girls with grades"

Have you ever read the story of The Hare and the Tortoise? It is a delightful children’s story of a race between two animal friends who each are confident of their ability to win a race. The Hare sets off to a speedy start and covers a significant amount of territory before deciding he has enough of a head start on the Tortoise that he can stop for a rest. He settles under a shady tree and enjoys a nap, confident that he can sprint to the finish line well before the Tortoise can catch up to him.

Math 30-1 — Sample Question and Solution for Exponential Functions #1

High-stakes diploma exams in January and June are always a challenge for grade 12 students. These provincial exams count for 30% of a student’s final grade with the other 70% coming from school-based assessments.

For a variety of reasons, it is becoming more and more common for students to seek assistance beyond the classroom in preparing for the diploma exams. Entrance requirements for many post-secondary institutions have increased over the years so students need better grades to gain admittance. The competition is extremely keen for faculties that have quotas and only take the top echelon of applicants. Then there are the numerous scholarships available for the students who have the top grades.

Try this sample question to gauge your diploma preparation for Math 30-1!

Not Only Authors but Exceptional Educators

When there are so many self-help books on the market, how many can you buy, and how do you know which ones will actually be useful? The answer is easy! Look for the educational resources that have been developed by experienced educators who have a strong reputation for helping student achieve remarkable results.

iPrep Plus Is Going Social!

Thinking about post-secondary studies?  Trying to qualify for a quota faculty?  Looking at applying for a scholarship?  Worrying about getting your high school diploma? You need to check out the new iPrep Plus Electronic Study Notes and Video Support resource packages to support your classroom learning!

iPrep Plus (Sequel Solutions Inc.) – SPECIAL OFFER

PrimeTime Learning and Sequel Solutions Inc. have recently entered into an ‘alliance’ to better serve the educational product/service needs of Grade 12 students in Alberta.


To commemorate the alliance, Sequel Solutions Inc. is offering students who purchase four or more iPrep Plus resources a complimentary copy of the 58 page electronic resource ‘Finding Employment’.

Diplomax (PrimeTime Learning) – SPECIAL OFFER

PrimeTime Learning and Sequel Solutions Inc. have recently entered into an ‘alliance’ to better serve the educational product/service needs of Grade 12 students in Alberta.


To commemorate the alliance, PrimeTime Learning is offering students who register for three or more Diplomax courses in a semester, an entry into a year-end ‘scholarship draw’.


Two of the province’s most respected educational companies have recently joined forces - an ALLIANCE designed to provide GRADE 12 STUDENTS with an even STRONGER RANGE of PRODUCTS and SERVICES!

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Now that you are responsible for 70% of your final grade, your efforts have a more significant impact on your final results. iPrep Plus is a new offering that provides you with resources you can use at home to support your classroom learning. We think the combination of electronic study notes and video support provides you with the best opportunity to optimize your learning. However, we need to hear from you!